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power-up Welcome to a service provider experience that is totally dedicated to helping your business and its people make full and powerful use of your combined knowledge capabilities. You will gain three important benefits that are the foundation of superior business performance:

  • improve the quality of decision-making within your company
  • give your people the skills and competencies they need to be highly effective on the job
  • offer your prospects and customers a superior service experience
Many people think of plans or planning as complex and time consuming activity. Not only is that incorrect, instead, the focus should be on the benefit derived from the discipline of planning. According to our working definitions, a plan at its most basic, focuses on the following benefits:

  1. Identifies relevant and motivating factors that create a need for action
  2. Offers a reliable view of what a successful outcome will look like
  3. Proposes one or more clear and significant action(s) that should follow
  4. Assigns ownership for actions and results (may be the same owner)
  5. Calls out the resources required to enable the action (they may already exist, so identify them)

Depending on the size of your business, you can address these requirements in a single-screen summary, a one-pager, or more detailed document. Each business has its own needs. The quality of your plan is what matters most. Click the boxes below for more information on each aspect of your organization’s knowledge management needs, to guide your expectations and planning there.

Develop a well-supported course of action to use knowledge assets to improve the business
Give your people the specific job-related skills they need for good task execution Assess your people for knowledge, skills, preferences, job-fit, and job performance Create a work environment that motivates people and helps you to retain your top talent Develop your top talent for leadership, and build critical soft skills to elevate service quality
Create or source the right learning content to support personnel growth needs
Make the required resources available when and where employees need them
Use the right tools and technologies to support the company’s knowledge needs