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EDD_2015cAs a knowledge and workplace learning professional, Edmund’s mandate is to make a contribution to your work objectives. Edmund holds himself to exceptionally high standards. He wears multiple hats as an knowledge specialist, technologist and entrepreneur. He brings to talent development and learning a history of consistently strong performance and solid business credentials, which guide his talent management decisions and recommendations.

The pride, thoroughness and consistency that Edmund devotes to his work are reflected in his repeated successes in such areas as the development of learning technologies, delivery of online learning services, marketing leadership of technical education to a global community of experts, leadership of instructional design, formal instruction in business at the community college level, and prior revenue-generation responsibility in services marketing and development.

Edmund has extended his skill through the authoring of his first book Workplace Essentials, and is now working on his second. He also holds a certificate in adult education.  He seeks to provide employee development and workplace learning support that is tuned to the needs of each client, to help businesses to develop their individual fully and reap increased productivity.

Edmund leads Skillsladder, a Knowledge services consultancy focused on innovative and cost-effective learning solutions, ready to offer services equal to what larger enterprises enjoy but at a cost and in a form that also fits the demanding constraints of small and mid-sized businesses.  Edmund will work with you through real or any major virtual channel, whichever helps to accomplish an outstanding result.

Contact Edmund to discuss how he and the Skillsladder support team can advance your organizational knowledge needs and performance objectives today.