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Performance Support Tools Matrix
This guide provides a 3-part discussion, as presented on LinkedIn, about the day-to-day management of soft and hard skills, using a numbers of commonly available performance support tools that are accessible to almost every manager.


Real Professional Development Equates to Character Development
The loss of professional standing is a massive blow to anyone but why does it happen with such regularity? This 5-part series, as presented on LinkedIn, outlines three overarching patterns of managerial non-performance that account for almost every type of character compromise. The discussion equips you with a simple and effective meta-cognitive approach to keep your character and professionalism in good standing.

Time Management: 15 Minutes or Less to a Prioritized Action List
This short guide provides every manager with a tested and easy to use method that puts the essence of Sigma reliability right at your fingertips, while allowing you to move through work, and onto new work, rapidly. Use this approach, and document each iteration to gain a good historical view of how you manage your workloads. You’ll be amazed how much you can learn by reviewing some relevant history.