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Beyond the dictionary definitions, some terms have far more potent meaning in the business environment. Here is our select (and growing) list of terms.


The net positive gain toward business results, measured in clear terms such as business growth, improved customer service metrics, cost reduction, accelerated speed of delivery, simplification of process,  or employees’ demonstrable gains competence, etc. This addition takes into consideration all pluses and minuses too arrive at a verifiable net gain.


Relevance has one uncompromising aspect to it: it must be related to your goals. without relevance, no matter how well you perform a task, your efforts will be directed in a non-productive direction. Nail down relevance first, then invest your sweat to make it happen.


In simple terms, reliable means that you can bank on a predictable event but it is supported with evidence. Whether you are looking at a reliable system, process, decision or data set, you know that rigorous mental, physical or process competence has been invested there. That allows you to move forward with a high degree of confidence.